Live in a space that lives for you.

Function and beauty: services begin with understanding your everyday.

My goal is to make comfortable, inspiring, and relaxing spaces for you. Together we will curate a space that is unique to your needs.


Spatial Planning

— $100 per room —

I create a scale map with the measurements of your room to guide and place each item. If a new or replacement piece is needed, I will suggest a size for the piece so you can shop confidently. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Need your measurements taken? Additional fees apply.

Guided Shopping

— $60 per hour virtual—

We'll pick the focal pieces together, and once these have been determined, I will guide you in selecting additional items that complement your selection.

Virtual and in-person appointments available.

In-Home Arrangement

— $80 per hour —

Already happy with your items but

unsure of how to arrange them? Allow

me to assist! This service is ideal for built-ins, bookshelves, mantles, or

even your Zoom background.

In-home consulting is also a great way to determine if you need additional services.

Full Home Design

—Pricing varies; please contact for quote—

Full-home design is our most comprehensive service.

Assistance is provided at every step of the process to bring your dream home to life.

Color Consulting & Art Assistance

—Pricing varies; please contact for quote—

Painting is a hassle, from choosing a color palette to selecting finishes. My expertise in this area makes this process a breeze for you.

Not interested in overhauling the colors of your home? I can review your existing palette and make suggestions on how to display your art to flow seamlessly with everything in your home.

Vision Board

I’ll create a board that nails your style

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Let‘s take a stroll through your habits and preferences

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Precise Measurements

Pencil Outline Icon
Tape Measure Outline

You can provide or I can determine the sizing of your space

Full Design Process

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Hands-on placement for finishing touches and assessments

I will source unique and appropriate items to suit your needs

Customer Reviews

Gena helped turn our first house into a home that not only looked amazing, but was comfortable and practical. She went above and beyond to provide superior customer service - everything from taking measurements, bringing over samples, and ensuring that every detail was truly what we wanted. She has a unique ability to bring together various colors, patterns, and textures to create a seamless feel throughout our entire home. I would recommend anyone with any size project to use Gena - whether it’s for a few pieces of furniture to fit a small space or an entire home refresh.

—Claire T. & John D. —

I’m a bachelor with my own style, but I wasn’t sure how to bring that into my new home. Gena helped me refine my tastes into a cogent plan that would bring comfort and style to my home. Her attention to detail is one of her strongest points, she was able to provide me with several different plans based on my lifestyle and hobbies that I enjoy. I’m very happy I came to Gena for help and hope you do the same!

Tommy C.

Gena J Co has been the key to our Airbnbs' success! For our first property, Gena skillfully blended existing furniture with new pieces, seamlessly creating a cohesive and updated look. She styled our next two properties entirely, curating unique and stylish themes that our guests constantly comment on. We are regularly asked for product links by guests looking to incorporate these design elements into their own homes. We're thrilled with the results and can't wait to work with Gena again on our next project!

— Steve & Stephanie W.—

Gena helped me plan a beautiful gallery wall of personal art that I’ve collected during my travels. She not only measured and taped off the area but selected the art pieces that balanced the space perfectly! I’d definitely hire her again.

— Antoinette B.—

Design can improve not only the aesthetics of your home, but the overall functionality as well.

I emphasize sustainability by reimagining the things you already have before

shopping for new pieces. I can arrange for your pieces to be refurbished, or find the

perfect vintage touch. If we determine that a new or custom piece is needed, my expertise means you'll only need to go through the shopping process once.

Whether you're selecting new throw pillows or furnishing a full home, I can assist in creating...

Your dream space…

at your budget & on your timeline.

Save yourself the time and money of trial and error with comprehensive room design.

What makes me different from an Interior Designer?

Interior designers are a great resource, but they often come with projects that require permits and structural changes. Projects that don’t require demolition are best suited for an independent decorator like me. With over five years of experience and a background in home decor retail, I can lend my expertise to these projects to help you reach your goal of a functional and beautiful home. My rates as a decorator are also more affordable versus what you'd pay at a design studio, without any sacrifice of expertise.